Friday, May 14, 2010

LoKast Social Music Application?

As if there werent enough social networking sites that promote stalking and communicating with people you don't know, the newest is LoKast. Short for "local-casting" the application is a lot like facebook. It allows you to have your own page for videos, pictures, web-links and music you love.

LoKast first became popular this year at Coachella when bands with post exclusive content about their sets to LoKast fans. Even better is that when you're within 300 feet of another user of LoKast it connects you and allows you to exchange content between the two of you.

Now, initially I thought this was really creepy, but I read the section about Coachella and I think that's awesome. A lot of bigger bands, like Third Eye Blind are using the application to keep in touch with their fans and bring fans together.

-Samantha Corrie Schulman

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  1. good, people will enjoy this application in facebook because it enhances a certain video, song and photo.