Thursday, January 28, 2010

What does the iPad mean for the music business?

With Wednesday's announcement of Apple's new iPad, many are left wondering about it's effect on the music industry.

Billboard argues that the iPad will not be as successful as the iPod or iPhone for portable music because of sheer portability, and seem pessimistic about it's potential success. They argue that not everything created by Apple succeeds, using the struggling AppleTV as an example.

P.C. Magazine notes that besides superior speakers to that of the iPhone or iPod, they do not see how it will be a superior vehicle for the enjoyment of music. They do note that the larger screen creates a more user friendly userface (easier to select music, create playlists, etc.) but they still give the nod to the iPod for portability.

I personally feel that the iPad targets book and newspaper readers. The success of the iPod and iPhone for music application has been because of the sheer portability. While the iPad's book, video, and photo applications seem very practical, I believe that the current iPad lacks the same potential for a portable music device that we've seen with the iPod and iPhone. Since this is new technology, only time will tell.

-Scott Schaffer


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